Pixis Hydra

Mini Spot Led

Last born of the family, PIXIS™ HYDRA is designed, this time, for vertical glass display

The entire line PIXIS™ is a gem of innovation and ingenuity, very small but sturdy and easy-to-use. The mini LED spotlight has a magnetically assembled head which handles field-interchangeable optics of 18°, 24° and 41°. Completely independent from one another, each head can be fully rotated horizontally and allows for an 80° pivoting angle for maximum light control.

PIXIS™ HYDRA new version for retail showcase display up to 15 feet high is designed to allow you create and recreate your staging in one simple gesture easily and quickly. The product has been customized to incorporate up to 5 heads on its stem. Each head can be detached from its electrical receptacle and reconfigures your environment as often as you need to. The magnetic connection ensures error-free in and out. Clean-cut and trimless design, every visible parts are safe for handling.

One of a kind PIXIS™ HYDRA can be easily fastened on two different types of surface; wood or glass. We have upgraded it for a smooth design by eliminating all apparent grooves. Last but not least, plated and painted finishes are both available. We recommend it to our retail customers for its main purpose is to catch one’s eye and draw attraction to window display.


Vitrine, Display and Shelf

Context and application





12V: 3.5W / head
Dry locations only
Class 2

Remote Power Supply

12V: Eklipse PSB-12-60.


Each PIXIS™ head comes equipped with 24 AWG wire. *

Thermal Control

Through constant thermal monitoring and current control, Eklipse intelligent board technology (IBT) maintains optimal light levels and operating temperature preventing harmful overheating by self adjusting to its environment.



High thermal conductive machined aluminium.
Cold roll steel lens holder and arm. Brass stem.

Light Engine

High precision machined construction integrated heatsink. Field changeable optics.


PIXIS™ head rotates 360° and can be tilted 80°.


Plated and painted finishes*

Source and optics

Light Source

Three high power LEDS.

Light Temperature

2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K.*


85 (typical).

High CRI

95 (typical).


18°, 24°, 41°.


Five (5) years on parts.
See terms and conditions.

Standards compliance

Approved RoHS, CSA/UL and CE.

Nominal Dimensions

Please see the specification sheet for more details.

Please use Adobe Reader to edit the specification form on the dynamic specsheet.

*Available for tailor-made application. Please contact your Eklipse representative for further informations.


Ordering Code

Pixis Hydra
12 volts
3.5 W / head
One head
Two heads
Three heads
Four heads
Five heads

2700 K
3000 K
3500 K
4000 K
Black Nickel
Time Worn Brass
Brushed Brass
Brushed Chrome
Black Chrome
Polished Brass