Tailor Made lighting

For more than 15 years, Eklipse Lighting has been concerned with melding the aesthetic and the technical with creating the very best lighting products, designed and manufactured with care. In each step from conception to installation, through design, manufacturing, and component assessment, Eklipse Lighting develops custom lighting fixtures to respond to the specific expectations and innovative aesthetic aspirations of internationally renowned architects, interior designers, and lighting designers. Eklipse Lighting’s representatives make their expertise available to execute your projects and ensure you the best possible lighting experience.

Our tailor-made lighting process involves the following steps:

  • Comprehension of light effect

  • Light testing

  • Concept and internal design

  • Component assessment

  • Full design process

  • Final testing & approval

Tailor Alterations

Eklipse Lighting offers not only high-quality lighting products but also integration of the fixtures into the environments they have been developed for. Our expertise and experience enable us to have a full understanding of your integration needs, define specific parameters for them, and respond by customizing our range of lighting products.

If you are interested in one of our products but some of its features do not entirely match with your project, contact one of our representatives so we could discuss about it and make the integration seamlessly into it.

Tailor White

LED technology offers a rich, bright range of colours, and by combining LEDs a very precise mix of colours and tones can be achieved. This is why Eklipse Lighting offers a customized white-matching service for its lighting products.

The temperature and tonality of whites are adjusted to meet the specific needs of our clients. We develop light “recipes” thus visual uniformity and aesthetic continuity are ensured in all circumstances.

Extras do matter

At Eklipse Lighting, we want the lighting integration to be a total success. Most of our products offer a variety of options and accessories helping to widen the lighting application scope. From interchangeable lens to adding extra films, Eklipse Lighting’s products are professional lighting tools.

About Eklipse

“Undeniably,” says André Pallai, founder of Eklipse Lighting, “light plays a fundamental role in how we perceive space, transforming it to match our vision. At Eklipse Lighting, our goal is always to offer an artistic solution adapted to the specific needs of each project we work on.”

Eklipse Lighting has been developing and perfecting high-end lighting products to meet the varied needs and aesthetic aspirations of internationally renowned architects, interior designers, and lighting designers. A pioneer in the use of LEDs, Eklipse Lighting has specialized in architectural lighting from its very beginning. Combining a concern for aesthetics and the latest technical knowledge – thermal, electronic, and mechanical – Eklipse Lighting offers optimal lighting solutions in terms of light integration and makes research and innovation a priority.

With the experience and know-how gained from several hundred tailor-made projects, Eklipse Lighting has created a highly adaptable line of standard lighting products and offers its expertise to the most creative architects and designers to illuminate showcases as well as museums, private residences, retail stores, and many other types of landmarks.

The firm has developed innovative light fixtures for Cooley Monato Studio in New York City, has worked with the prestigious jeweler Tiffany & Co on 5th Avenue, and for many luxurious brands such as Christofle, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford and iconic landmarks including Waldorf Astoria, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York.