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Eklipse Lighting specializes in providing well-engineered customized solutions for most lighting requirements. From the beginning, Eklipse Lighting has been committed to assist the lighting professionals in their quest, providing lighting and technical expertise as well as a complete range of premium products from its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

For well over 15 years now, we have been working with prestigious lighting designers and architects and have developed solutions for well-established clients. Eklipse Lighting uses ingenious and innovative light sources to design and manufacture luminaires that widen the scope of architectural lighting options; thereby enhancing the living area.

Lighting Selector

All of our lighting products are adapted to a specific purpose, so we have created a tool to help you make the perfect lighting choice. This selector tool lets you quickly view each of our products and get an idea of all of its possible applications, so you don’t waste valuable time going through the product pages one by one.

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Awards and Distinctions

Throughout the years, Eklipse developed a knowledge and expertise in the architectural lighting field. Our constant need to innovate, our desire to exceed the expectations of our clients and our continuous preoccupation to combine aesthetics and technical design, have earned us numerous awards.
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